A mission statement, of sorts

(my only commentary on this is that I’ve added a TLDR)


Of all the wars currently being fought on this patriarchal planet the one I find most puzzling is the one that is taking place between the young and the old.  The old, mind you, isn’t only an age, it can be a mindset. That’s how evolution works.  The mindset that’s no longer useful for existence tends to fade out. Like extra limbs; the pinky toe. Specifically, the mindset that urges a person to oppress another human.  This is a planetary revolution that will end your era. If the world were to allow the patriarchy to continue, then our entire planet and every living thing on it will progressively decline into more and more misery. Mama don’t take kindly to shit like that. For time immemorial, women like us have been selecting which sperm will penetrate our egg, and then nitpicking the DNA to pick and choose what it is that we like about you.  There’s one thing that’s pissed us off beyond compare (and for some of us, this is worse than you forcing yourselves into our body and enslaving our children into your cult of patriarchy).  In all of the bullshit man-made religion stories, young men are supposedly taught that it is their job as a man to protect us and provide for us.  Look around at the women in your life. Do they feel protected and provided for? Do they feel like the world is their oyster? Or do you think they’re “lazy millennials”  If there was a god, why on earth would it be the man-made one?  Men are not creators.  Men are opportunistic, bullying ingrates that have failed as a species. Women of the world (and those who identify that way on this level) it is time to unite. Down with the patriarchy worldwomenunited.org 


TLDR: In a world full of whores, you would get laid more. By someone who actually enjoyed it. Because they felt safe and provided for. Completely.

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